Baggage Allowance

Check-in Baggage

Passengers flying in Economy class can carry

• Up to 30 kgs of check-in baggage
• Up to 40 kgs baggage as JetPrivilege Silver Members
• Up to 45 kgs as baggage JetPrivilege Gold members
• Up to 50 kgs as baggage JetPrivilege Platinum Members
• Up to 10 kgs baggage for infants
• Extra Baggage Charge USD 16/ kg

Passengers flying in Premier Class can carry

• Up to 40 kgs check-in baggage
• Up to 50 kgs check-in baggage as JetPrivilege Silver Member
• Up to 55 kgs check-in baggage as JetPrivilege Gold member
• Up to 60 kgs check-in baggage as JetPrivilege Platinum Member
• It is 10 kgs for Infant

Note: Dimension of the check-in baggage should not exceed 126 linear cms

Cabin Baggage

• Can carry one piece of cabin baggage, not weighing more than 7 Kgs

• Can also carry a fully collapsible stroller or an infant carrying basket/ infant

What you can’t carry in cabin baggage?

Any kind of gels, alcohol, liquids, creams, lotions, and sharp articles, etc are not permitted in the hand baggage.

33 comments to Baggage Allowance

  • tay Swee Sze  says:

    i am planning a flight back from hong kong with Jetstar. but that flight allows only carryon luggage. what is the charge if i want to have check in luggage? my mobile is 65 96670688. pls contact me

    • JetSingapore  says:

      Hi Tay,

      At present Jet Airways allows up to 20 kgs of free check-in luggage in Economy class and Up to 35 kgs check-in luggage in Premiere/Business class.

  • Sonu  says:

    I have a ticket from Singapore to Delhi R/T on Jet airways. The ticket says that I can carry 30 Kgs of checkin bag. I was allowed to carry this when I travelled from Singapore to Delhi.

    I am wondering if I can carry 30Kgs from Delhi to Singapore on my return flight?

    I am confused because the website says 20 Kgs. However my ticket says 30 kgs.


    • JetSingapore  says:

      The baggage allowance is as given on your ticket.

  • K P VENKAT  says:

    what is the baggage allowance for economy class from Mumbai Singapore

    • JetSingapore  says:

      Please go through the information provided above on this page.

  • Viren  says:

    Hi . I have 47 inch led and weight is 27 kg and I am going from Singapore to Delhi. Plz tell me how much I need to pay for it?

    • JetSingapore  says:

      For all Tvs between 36 inches and 49 inches, Jet Airways charges a fee of SGD 50.

  • goiuri  says:

    Hi, If I need to cancel ticket or to change passenger name how to go about it?

    • JetSingapore  says:

      You’ll have to contact Jet Airways’ office in Singapore.

  • Sundeep Gupta  says:

    Hi . I have 47 inch led TV and weight is 27 kg and I am going from Singapore to Delhi. I understand from your website that for 47 Inch size I have to pay SGD 50 but do you charge USD 12 per kg for weight of led TV also? Plz clarify.

    • JetSingapore  says:

      Dear Sundeep,
      Excess Baggage charges will apply as per standard baggage policy, in addition to the flat fee for TV sets exceeding free baggage allowance.

  • Noor mohamed  says:


    Yesterday I booked one way ticket from singapore to chennai, when i open jet airlines website it showed for economy class allowed baggage is 30 kgs, but after buying the ticket i noticed baggage allowance is 20 kgs. can you please let me know where i should approach to get 30 kgs baggage.

    • JetSingapore  says:

      You may contact Jet Airways’ Singapore office on + 65 6227 0222.

  • hemant patil  says:

    i have book flight ticket from singapore to mumbai ….and will take baggage and 55 inch Led please tell me the charges that i have to pay for 55 inch LED and the baggage

    • JetSingapore  says:

      The fee for all TVs from 50 inches and above is SGD 240. And the excess baggage charge is USD 12/kg.

  • Shah  says:

    Can i do check in before 24/36 hrs. at changi airport for flight 9w11 to mumbai

  • Eva  says:

    Hello tomorrow I’m going to Mumbai from Singapore ,I have 2 big luggage 50 kg how much do I need to pay for 30kg excess?

    • JetSingapore  says:

      The excess baggage charge is USD 12/kg.

  • Vinoth  says:

    I have booked flight ticket from Singapore to Chennai on Fri 30 Aug 13 at 20:20. Can I take with me 55 inch LED TV? Please advise.

    • JetSingapore  says:

      You’ll have to pay extra television carriage charges. The charges for TV from 50 inches and above is SGD 240. Please note excess baggage charges will apply as per standard baggage policy in addition to above flat fee for TV sets exceeding free baggage allowance.

      • Vinoth  says:

        I can pay flat fee amount. Please double check for me, what is maximum TV size allowed in Jet Airways Aircraft flying to Chennai from Singapore.

        Because I have contacted Singapore Jet Airways Customer care they informed me 55 inch is not allowed in Singapore to Chennai flight due to Aircraft type.

        Please double check and advise.

        • JetSingapore  says:

          The information we provided, was based on the information given on Jet Airways’ official website. The website does not list any such restrictions for flights from Singapore. For flights departing from Gulf airports on Boeing 737 aircraft, the maximum acceptable size for LCD / LED TV is 48 inches. You may please check the details here. However, we’ll suggest you to go with the information provided by the customer care as that’s the most reliable and updated source of information.

  • Mansi  says:


    Please suggest , I am travelling in Economy class (20 KG)If i want to buy baggage how i can I buy online or on call because i am unable to buy on site (tickets already booked). Is there any possibility that i can get JetPrivilege Platinum Members benefit. My brother is Platinum Members.

    Please Suggest.

  • YATIN  says:

    I am travelling with family and have 4 tickets, can i check in two bags of 30 kgs each

  • Baljeet Singh  says:

    Hello, I have booked flight from singapore to delhi which is scheduled to be on 30th Nov.i want to carry led tv.Can you please tell me what size is allowed and how much do I need to pay. Is it excluding of free baggage allowed?

  • NEETA S PAI  says:

    Hi, I am booked on a Jet Airways multi city flight Bangalore-Mumbai-Singapore and back the same way Singapore-Mumbai-Bangalore. Can I carry my guitar with me? Are there any extra charges? On my way back, I have a Mumbai stay of 7 days so I think I’ll be flying back on a domestic flight. Do the baggage allowance rules change then?

  • Kaustubh  says:

    What are the charges for carrying 40 inch LED TV from Singapore to Mumbai ? any discount for Silver members ?

  • venkateswaran  says:

    I plan to buy a led tv 40 inch and taken from Singapore to Chennai on 31st march. Can you apply any charges on that.

  • ramesh  says:

    I have my travel booked from Singapore to Chennai on 14th April, 2014. I have desktop weighing 42Kgs. How much should i have to pay for this baggage. And how can I book extra baggage in advance.

  • Devendra Sharma  says:

    I am travelling to Kolkata from Kuwait via Mumbai, how much baggage I can carry? What will be (if Any) charges for carrying 32 inch LED tv. I am travelling in economy class.

  • sweta  says:

    mumbai singapore jet flight ticket says 30kg but doesnot mention how many pieces?
    clarify please

  • Lakshmi  says:

    We booked ticket through agent what is the baggage allowance for economy w cass

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